Milky Shaved Ice

Milky Shaved Ice

Vanilla - w/ Boba + Condensed Milk
Strawberry - w/ Fresh Strawberry + Condensed Milk
Black Sesame - w/ Herb Jelly + Condensed Milk
Matcha - w/ Japanese Sweet Red Bean + Condensed Milk
Taro - w/ Egg Pudding + Condensed Milk
Mango - w/ Fresh Mango + Condensed Milk


Allergen: Milk


Please place your order 8-12 minutes in advance. An email will be sent out once your order is ready.


*Shaved Ice will melt under room temperature, so please be on time for order pick-up.

  • Return Policy

    We do not offer refunds or exchanges once an order is placed.

  • Care Instructions

    Shaved Ice will quickly melt under room temperature. We recommend immediate consumption after receiving the item.